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RYRabc takes care of all your payroll needs.

RYRabc members never worry or build their life around payday. With accredited Payroll professionals to carefully handle every detail and our online access, business owners and managers get the information they need quickly and efficiently.

We offer:

Guaranteed timely and accurate payroll services and administration.

An experienced team backed by cutting-edge technology.

Payroll preparation, taxes and all related state and federal regulations.

Payroll reports and tax payments made on time, every time.

An advanced online payroll software system where our clients and their employees can access, manage and get up-to-date information on their earnings and withholdings.


Payroll with personality. While our staff is accredited and receives on-going training and education on the frequent changes in the law, it’s interaction with the customer that makes them different. After a short interview, each Payroll Customer Service Representative develops a great relationship with their customers.

You are assigned your own Payroll Customer Service Representative and when you call, you can actually talk to them personally. You do not have to explain your question or situation to different people.

Call 317-561-0ABC (0222) and see the difference.

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